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A road covered in snow implies winter is slow time for real estate but read on to see why that's not always true

 Wow, we are already in November and just around the corner we will be celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the the New Year. The holidays hold special opportunities for both buyers and sellers. If you think you have too much going on in life right now and can’t imagine selling or buying during the holidays, think again! You certainly don’t want to miss a good window of opportunity. Simply stated, during the holidays buyers have fewer houses to choose from.

1. Less homes for sale generally means Sellers can get a reasonable price for their home. Coincidently fewer buyers out looking at homes can also mean better deals for buyers. Which is why a well priced home in turn-key condition will get multiple offers even in balmy weather. 

2. People who look for a home during the holidays are more serious buyers.

3. Houses show well when decorated for the holidays. Embrace the season. Put your Christmas tree up in the front window and a for sale sign in the yard!

4. You’ve probably heard that Spring is the best time to sell. Actually the supply of listings will dramatically increase February through May as it always does. So if you wait to list until then you will be competing with many homes similar to yours. Right now, buyers are looking for a home like yours and they are not finding it. Why not list now? Your home might get multiple offers. 

5. Want to sell now but don’t want to move during the holidays? We can certainly provide a solution by negotiating a long escrow or even a short escrow where you rent back (remain in your home) until early next year. 

6. Buyers and Sellers are more emotional during the holidays. We can find out their motivation and use that to get you reasonable terms.

7. Some people must buy or sell before the end of the year for tax reasons. Since they can’t wait until spring they must make a deal soon before their clock runs out.

8. Buyers have more time to look for a home during the holidays with having time off work, more than they do during their normal working schedule. 

9. Your house can be on the market, but if you need flexibility to limit showings during certain days, people will be very understanding at this time of year.

10. Mortgage interest rates are still very low. Higher interest rates typically have an effect on how much buyers can afford. Meaning if sellers wait to sell in the Spring and rates tick higher their home may not be able to sell for the price that it could sell for now, and for buyers, if rates tick higher they may not be able to afford as much home as they could now.

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