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Realtor stands by a red door with text on it Top 5 Tips to Get your Offer Accepted

So, you want to buy a home? Great! You’re about to embark on one of the biggest decisions of your life. There are many ways to write an offer. All of my following tips will strengthen your offer and still keep you in control of the deal, but remember, “The Right Agent Matters”. Because we’re working in a competitive market, you need an agent who knows how to present your offer and you in the best light. Choosing the right agent will make the difference between you or someone else getting the house you love. 

1. Loan approval. Work with lenders. This is key and I highly recommend getting your loan fully approved before we tour houses. Having the loan approval fully completed makes your offer stand out, furthermore it develops a base line for homes you can begin to pursue. This being said, loan approval is much stronger than just loan pre-qualification, and the seller will notice the difference. Approval accounts for time saved on your end and your agents! Therefore, sellers will feel more confident with your offer, knowing the money is there. And think of how much more enjoyable purchasing a home will be for you when you KNOW the money is already approved!! You can focus on the home of your dreams!!

2. Focus on Value, Not Price. In other words, finding a house you love means the house works for you. Knowing a good value is our primary concern. When we have found the house you love, be decisive, there could be competitive bids on the the table for that same house. Be ready to come in with a strong offer, showing you’re serious with the seller. Further more, keep in mind that waiting too long to submit an offer could result in the absence of your offer being considered. With loan approval in hand, you’ll know your budget, being able to make a decision promptly and confidently.

3. Impress the seller with a large deposit. The deposit is the “good faith” money you’re willing to deposit in escrow with your offer. The bigger the deposit, the more confidant a seller is that you are serious about the purchase. Incase you find yourself needing to cancel escrow, rest assured my contracts provide you with many legal protections for your deposit.

4. Letter to the seller. Sellers are humans, a well written letter can can go a long way. It may be the reason they put their trust in you and pick your offer versus another buyer’s offer. However, it’s important to keep descriptive personal characteristics out of your letter so we don’t violate Fair Housing rules. Anything in your letter that could create bias for or against persons of a protected class should not be shared with a seller. I’ll review your letter with you to determine if it should be shared or needs editing. A seller reading a personal letter from you describing the love and care you wish to extend to their home can be huge.

5. Lastly, the Right Agent Matters! Choose who your agent will be and work exclusively with them. Your agent will be your greatest guide and biggest advocate in your real estate venture. If you have questions about a property or want to schedule a showing, be sure to contact me so that I may represent you and protect your best interest. This being said, simply contacting a listing agent of a property you are showing interest in will not give you an advantage. Note, the listing agents primary duty is to their seller. Anything you might say to them will not necessarily be confidential if agency relationship is not established with you. And if you are considering buying new construction, allow me to schedule an appointment with the sales office of that builder and go with you to your first appointment. This will ensure they treat you like a serious buyer. If you initiate contact with them they will regard you as a new prospect without a Realtor and they will not compensate me for referring them to you. Therefore, know that I will guide you at every step of the way, benefitting you with a smooth transaction. 

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